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3.3 NFHS

Table of Contents
NFHS Rule Changes 2018
Rule 1 - Players, Field & Equipment
Rule 2 - Playing Terms & Definitions
Rule 3 - Substituting, Coaching, etc.
Rule 4 - Starting & Ending the Game
Rule 5 - Dead Ball – Suspension of Play
Rule 6 - Pitching
Rule 7 - Batting
Rule 8 - Base Running
Rule 9 - Scoring – Record Keeping
Rule 10 - Umpiring
Appendices to the Rules
INDEX to the FED Rules

Working across multiple rule sets is always a challenge, but never more so that managing the differences between American high schools rules (National Federation of State High School Associations), or simply FED, and the Official Baseball Rules (OBR), To make it easier to review the rules differences, we've broken the rules down into seven categories:

        Administrative rules

Batting rules

Coaching rules

Fielding rules

Pitching rules

Base running rules

Equipment rules